Frequently Asked Questions

Income Strategy Limited is an officially registered company and conducts business under the laws of the UK Government. The company is involved in cryptocurrency trading and mining. Also trading other valuable commodities/assets which we offer to our clients to earn from using a single trading account.

Income Strategy Limited is officially incorporated with the UK Companies Office. verify registration: (click here)

No, at the moment this is a closed information, but in the future we plan to publish our trade reports regularly. We will announce further, follow our news.

We use invested funds to cover all operating costs as well as to update the technical base for crypto mining and trading. We also use invested funds to trade valuable commodities and assets to make returns on client initial investments. You do not have to do the trading yourself. We are here for you. We do not trade against you. We trade only for you. Period.

The pool was created to help investors without start up capital also earn, you join the pool to earn 1% daily (Monday - Friday) for 12 months. Our Contracts are sold for 5000 and above.

It is absolutely safe because all our technical experts are extremely experienced professionals; our mining/trading/property sourcing and other investment strategies are failproof.

In accordance to investment laws of the FCA with over £3Billion investment security, we never worry about those rainy days in global trades and projects as we have our investors covered.

Income Strategy Limited plans to make a stable and profitable cooperation with clients for life.

Yes your personal data is safe with us, we take a number of precautionary measures to ensure that the personal details of our clients are held in absolute confidence and are securely stored so as not to be accessible by unauthorized persons.

We support the following deposit methods:
- Cryptocurrency (bitcoin, ethereum, ripple) for investments below £100,000
- Bankwire & Paypal options are open to investments above the £100,000 benchmark

This is to the advantage of our investors, as most investors we have come from across the globe and wire transfers take 2-3 working days, are taxed heavily and bank charges are incurred. With cryptocurrency deposits, all these are handled as they are instant and have minimal charges and no taxation involved.

Depending on the deposit method, wire deposit usually takes between 3 to 5 working days, depending on the sending bank while other methods take less. Cryptocurrency deposits are instant. Once we receive the funds in our bank account/wallet, they will be deposited into your trading account. Please contact, in case you have been charged with the deposit but funds are not showing in your trading account.

All you need is just to register an account and find the unique affiliate link in the "Referral" section: Share this link to attract new investors and get reward.


To get profit to your Bitcoin address (wallet) or Bank account, you should make withdrawal request. Sign into your account and go to "Withdraw" section:
1. input your receiving bitcoin wallet/paypal address/Bank account.
2. Specify an amount and press "WITHDRAW" button. Check the correctness of your request and press "CONFIRM". You will receive a mail from us once this has been approved and processed.

Any of your withdrawal requests will be processed instantly! Once you confirm your request you’ll get batch using which you can trace your withdrawal through!

Yes, there are charges which are used to handle taxes and charity obligations as all investments in UK under the government are asked to. but this task varies due to investment plans. Check Investment contracts for various charges.

Yes you can, but you stand to forfeit all profit incurred.


Yes, you can add more. Minimum is £200

No, once you have completed the minimum investment period, you can withdraw all your profit.

Clients can fund multiple trading accounts at the same time using different email addresses.

Maximum deposit is £1,000,000

Have more questions, kindly contact us using the Whatsapp/Telegram links or contact