"I joined ISL as a way of earning income and consolidating on my 9-5 which had placed me in a loop for so long. My experience has been nothing short of beautiful in the 6 years that I've been with the platform. I’ve been able to keep expanding my goals off profits from ISL and it keeps looking better "
Mark Rutherfod

"After losing my way in the cryptocurrency space a few times, I made a decision to turn towards an opportunity that is consistent, dependable, and I could build steadily with, and ISL has ticked all these boxes by providing all the tools I need to earn weekly, but most importantly the guidance that comes with the experience is simply top quality."
Jennifer McCain

" I spent 25 years in the cooperate world, and retirement seemed like the plan, always looked forward to it. Yet, I wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity to really chase my dreams and accomplish the things I'd wanted to do. 34 months down the line, I own my home, accrue substantive income and have the financial freedom to fully explore ideas and plans I had left in my notebooks"
Javier Garcia